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Last Call Registration

South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues is just wrapping up its registration for the 2019 spring season for the Barrie, Bradford, Georgina and Innisfil areas.

Online registration will be officially closed on March 24th however some of our younger divisions Squirt, Tyke and Novice to be particular may close sooner as we are overwhelmed with registrations.

All registered participants will be sent an email in early April with more information regarding our player evaluations and our selected coaches.


Become A Referee

A new season of Ball Hockey is quickly approaching and there is a requirement that all officials must be registered and certified in order to referee in any OBHF sanctioned league.

Referee training is starting and if you want to officiate this season, now is the time to register and attend a clinic in your area. For information and registration please click here.

Officiating ball hockey is a great way to stay in touch with the game, get some exercise and earn a bit of money.

Ice Hockey Goalie Incentives

Goaltenders require abilities such as physical strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, as well as the command of technique, systems and strategies. Many years of practice and training go into becoming a goaltender to enhance the level of individual performance.

Year after year ball hockey leagues across the country continue to have many parents upset when scores run high. In most cases one team may be equipped with an experienced ice hockey goalie while other teams are just rotating through their roster on a weekly basis just to get by.

As a league our main priority is for the children to have fun, however we do understand that sometimes when a team is not equipped with a proper goalie it may get frustrating for everyone at times.

This year we will be offering an incentive to all ice hockey goalies registering with the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues.

Families registering their children as a goalie must do so online (Innisfil, Barrie, Bradford or Georgina) but must also fill out our goalie application form which gives us a little more information on goalie background.

Once we confirm that your child has been playing on a team as a full time goalie the league will refund $85 back to the family as we get closer to our Championship weekend in late June.

Coaching Incentive

Ball Hockey is a sport that requires many volunteers however as the league continues to grow we want to ensure that all our teams are equipped with certified head coaches. This will ensure that all our players have equal opportunity when it comes to leadership behind the bench.

The league will still accept applications from anyone wishing to coach however those that are certified will receive first opportunity to take on a team.

Player fees must be paid in full upon registration however those selected to coach the 2019 season will receive a refund of $105 once the season gets on it way.

If you are interested in applying for a coaching position please click here

Thank You

Early Bird Registration

Start making your plans now for the 2019 ball hockey season. Register by December 26 to take advantage of early-bird savings of $40.

This year we have made a few changes and registration will close on April 1st. This will allow us to have all members come out for player evaluation to ensure teams are balanced properly.

When registering you have a choice on where to play your home games. (Barrie, Bradford or Innisfil) Please note that your registration fees cover only the home games and that all travel games are free of charge. So if by chance you cannot attend one of the travel games because of conflict with another sport or activity you won’t be losing out.

  • Barrie – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (depending on division)
  • Bradford – Tuesday’s
  • Innisfil – Sunday’s

(More info regarding days and times to be posted in the New Year)

The season will run from mid-April to late-June.

We will be offering incentives for those wishing to register as full time goalies and certified ice hockey coaches willing to take on a team. Information regarding this will be posted in the New Year after our board meeting on January 7th.

At this time payments can be sent by cheque or etransfer. An email will be sent out to you with further instructions after registering. If you don’t receive an email please contact our administrator Jennifer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will gladly help you out.

Click here to register NOW!!!

Respect in Sport

Coaches, teachers, and parents serve as role models for sportsmanlike behaviors in children.  The behaviors illustrated by those aforementioned are clearly sometimes outside the lines of sportsmanship. The question that arises is, Where did those athletes learn unsportsmanlike behaviors? And the more pressing question for sports leaders, What is the role of sport in nurturing sportsmanlike or unsportsmanlike behavior?

It is contended that the choices made by an athlete to engage in sportsmanlike conduct depend, in part, on how the sport is structured by administrators, coaches, parents, and fans. Children learn moral behavior from engaging with others, watching the behaviors of others, and/or being taught ethical behavior.

Sportsmanship attitudes and behaviors are learned in a like manner. Therefore, being involved in sport alone is not sufficient to ensure that participants will learn sportsmanlike attitudes and behaviors. Rather it is the "social interactions that are fostered by the sport experience" that will determine the benefit of sport to athletes. 

Achieving that benefit requires that designated leaders within the sport take action to teach ethical and moral behavior in sport.  How sport is structured by the community, administrators, and coaches can determine whether or not children, and parents, learn sportsmanlike behaviors. The emphasis within the sport program becomes the means by which the child learns what is appropriate and/or acceptable behavior.  

The philosophy underlying a program can have an impact on what athletes perceive as appropriate behavior in a sport. An overemphasis on winning in a sport may also cloud perceptions of moral behavior. Overemphasis on winning in sport can also lead individuals (athletes, coaches, and parents alike) to engage in antisocial or delinquent behaviors aimed at trying to gain an advantage to win. 

For example, running the score up in a game where an opponent is clearly inferior manifests ridicule in the players and coaching staff, and moreover, prompts unnecessary cheering from parents in the crowd, that can, at times, lead to both acts of ignorance and aggression amongst opposing team parties. 

Teaching and modeling appropriate behaviors can enhance sportsmanlike behaviors. The instructors/coaches should expose moral values to players and parents as they arise in play and coach children to appropriate resolutions of the issues.  The key to improving the quality of sport experiences for young athletes is to emphasize the totality of the sport experience rather than just playing the game.  This concept means structuring a program philosophy for sportsmanship, being prepared to teach moral reasoning when situations occur, and monitoring your own behavioral (verbal and nonverbal) responses to situations.

Programs can create a climate that fosters the development of sportsmanship by establishing a positive philosophy, striving for excellence, teaching moral principles, and providing positive role models. 

Children are the hardest to convince and fester moral values in, but this is not an impossible task.  If, for example, a 5 year does not refrain from scoring goals versus an inferior opponent even after having been told to do so on more than one occasion...like a punishment delegated by mom or dad at home, an equal punishment must be delegated in sport (like the missing of a shift or benching in severe situations). 

The morality of the children on the other side of the sport is equally as important as the lesson taught to your players. Sport provides many opportunities to teach sportsmanship; however, the result clearly depends on how coaches, parents, administrators, and practitioners structure sport experiences. By emphasizing sportsmanlike ideals in sports programs, coaches can create a climate that fosters the development of sportsmanship while also striving for excellence within themselves, players and parents alike.

2018 South Simcoe Rosters

All teams are final; we have tried to accommodate as many friend requests as possible while still trying to keep the division fair. Please note that team rebalancing may be very difficult considering we have teams coming from different areas of our region. It is impossible to have a strong player from Barrie move to an Innisfil or Bradford teams (or vice a versa) considering they have signed up to play on a specific area and day. This goes for all divisions.

There may be teams that currently have vacant coaching positions. If your child is placed on one of these teams and you wish to help out please send Jennifer McMillan an email.

Coaches will contact their teams once instructed by our administration. Even though a schedule is posted it is still tentative and hasn’t been finalized by the all municipalities.

Please ensure that all players have the EQUIPMENT. Referee’s will not allow the children to play if any of these items are missing.

 B. Smeets
 B. Cyr
 C. Catallo
 L. Barter
 L. Cyr
 N. Sutton
 Q. Paolucci
 C. Roncone
 T. Crossley
 I. Quesnel
 M. Black
 N. Porretta
 O. Ranich
 R. Noble
 A. Cortese
 B. Pigott
 E. Siggens
 E. Elder
 E. Graham
 G. Dennis
 M. Cattaruzza
 R. Martin
 B. Johnston
 G. Evans
 J. Anderson
 J. Campo
 T. MacLellan
 V. Forgione
 A. Berlino
 G. Ward
 G. Barton
 C. Barton
 S. Emmink
 B. Angiola
 Z. Gilman
 C. Roach
 W. Davidson
 M. Kramaric
 A. Abayon
 L. Cole
 L. Chymycz
 G. Chymycz
 E. Clarke
 C. Rallis
TYKE DIVISION (2010-2011)
coach: VACANT
 J. Lewandowski
 B. Barter
 J. McCoy
 T. Gaidy
 M. Thomson
 M. Ritchie
 B. Kilpatrick
 N. Caruana
 T. Himmelman
 A. Johnston
 C. Asseltine
 B. Russell
coach: Bud Rewega
 R. Blanchard
 E. Hardy-Plummer
 R. Naccarato
 D. Amaral
 M. DeMarco
 C. Gillis
 M. Pacheco
 C. Martino
 A. Minniti
 C. Ropson
 G. Pannozzo
 L. Kell
 A. Rewega
coach: Peter Zacchigna
 A. Duchich
 D. Telford
 C. Booker
 B. Hobbs
 K. Marsh
 G. Cameron
 D. Hill
 A. Zacchigna
 M. Russo
 K. Pigott
 M. Perdue
 B. Hope
coach: Brian Langman
 B. DePiero
 C. Bishop
 H. Hamilton
 I. Acosta
 K. Eves
 K. Belanger
 L. Maisonneuve
 M. Bennato
 M. Dodge
 M. Rogman
 R. Wolsey
 T. Albanese
 X. Langman
coach: Ian Poot
 D. Robinson
 D. Ranich
 D. Wry
 E. Osieck
 G. Lemos
 L. Goulet
 L. Marrone
 M. Feaver
 N. Cordeiro
 P. Poot
 T. Castator
 M. Murad
 G. Caporiccio
Peter Mac Isaac
 A. Angione
 C. McKay
 C. Richichi
 E. Jones
 G. Rowe
 J. Boddy
 J. Rowe
 L. Blow
 M. Arcentales
 T. Mac Isaac
 N. Masse
 N. Buckle
 X. Mosquera
 L. Campbell
Rob Norris
 M. Adams
 J. Anderson
 L. Brewer
 E. Courtney
 C. McKay
 K. Norris
 J. Salnek
 D. Simon
 K. Trapp
 K. Villanen
 A. Kent
Mike Hale
 A. Azevedo
 E. Bolzicco
 C. Caruso
 C. Cooper
 K. Ford
 T. Hale
 M. King
 D. Mills
 R. Mountstephen
 R. Rutledge
 S. Forsyth
Erin Howard
 K. Belanger
 K. Deschene
 T. Lange
 N. Gadd
 D. Davis
 C. Munshaw
 B. Peterson
 A. Sansalone
 M. Turano
 B. W-Young
 S. Magill
Martin Cameron
 M. Barnard
 C. Benson
 D. Black
 J. Booker
 B. Cameron
 L. Ferguson
 A. L-Arrais
 K L-Arrais 
 O. Moody
 E. Nicholson
 C. Ward
 M. Alves
 C. Collins
Jeremy McKinley
 B. Bonin
 C. Cornwell
 K. Duchich
 L. Lewis
 M. Lowe
 L. Mariani
 W. McKinley
 N. Priolo
 S. Renna
 M. Furtado
 T. Robertson
 H. Ryan
 A. Williams
Rui Carrasqueiro
 J. Murray
 A. Caruana
 K. Crossley
 M. Desjardins
 J. Gingras
 O. Goncalves
 A. Graham
 N. H-Moores
 C. Hope
 J. Macedo
 E. Miskimins
 K. Moore
 O. Rice
ATOM DIVISION (2006-2007)
coach: Mike Dunlop
 G. Dunlop
 C. Dunlop
 T. McDonald
 W. Muszynski
 I. Protopapas
 A. Thorne
 E. Henderson
 G. Herron
 L. Cureatz
 N. Stevens
 N. Newton
 C. Clemmens
 K. Dodge
 L. Miller
 E. Yousif
coach: Rob Norris
 D. Trapp
 K. Brown
 K. Elliot
 K. Aistrop
 K. Therrien
 L. Hickling
 M. Collins
 M. Houle
 R. Sorokan
 S. Humphries
 Z. Khonsari
 E. Othen
 A. Ampleford
 C. Ampleford
 K. Norris
coach: Joe Johnson
 A. Johnson
 C. Smith
 N. Dewsbury
 L. Dewsbury
 J. Adams
 R. Cooper
 L. Pezzarealla
 M. Gaudente
 R. Anderson
 C. Robinson
 J. Knight
 E. Baceda
 N. Boate
 D. Bond
 M. Dos Santos
coach: Rui Carrasqueiro
 L. Butler
 L. Chalmers
 G. Goncalves
 L. Hudson
 J. Lagace
 A. Montgomery
 J. Rice
 M. Rowe
 J. Silva
 R. Steele
 T. Tremblett
 S. Walker
coach: Tom Mills
 B. Bruneau
 Z. Cameron
 L. Cameron
 I. Donato
 M. Ferreira
 R. Foss
 B. Hobbs
 S. Mills
 B. Nakamichi
 C. Provenzano
 L. Rodriques
coach: Rick Sowman
 C. Young
 C. Maheux
 C. Krajewski
 D. Ferreira
 D. Sowman
 J. Martin
 J. Cornwell
 J. Quinney
 K. Sloan
 M. Lawrie
 N. Oosting
 R. Lewis
 T. Rodrigues
 T. Weese
coach: Isabelle Roberge
 A. Anderson
 A. Clarkson
 F. Gilroy
 H. Therrien
 J. Heittola
 J. Redden
 J. Denomme
 J. MacFadden
 L. Emerson
 M. Lacroix
 S. Madronich
 Z. Weaver
coach: Joe Givens
 A. Hansen-Givens
 A. Cranney
 D. Laframboise
 D. Bertham
 G. Wilson
 G. McLelland
 I. Dos Santos
 J. Hansen-Givens
 P. McLelland
 T. Gaudente
 T. Bendo
coach: Mark Mainprize
 A. Fleming
 A. Mainprize
 J. Monks
 J. Sansalone
 J. Tavolieri
 J. Louisseize
 L. Turano
 W. Boate

Humboldt Broncos

As most of you already have heard the hockey world was in shock with the tragic bus crash yesterday in Saskatchewan, as news came in through the night our hearts go out to the ones that passed away and the players who survived that will have to deal with this for a long time.

The ball hockey community has lost one of its Junior Team Canada players Logan Shatz who served captain of the Humboldt Broncos for the last two years.

He competed at the 2013 Nationals and from there went on to play with a 2014 U18 JTC in Slovakia and then with the U20’s in 2016 in England.

Our hearts go out to his family.... and Logan you will always be remembered within the junior team Canada program by all!!


Team Info / Schedules

Attention to all registered members in Barrie, Bradford, Georgina and Innisfil leagues. At this time we ask that everyone remains patient, as the board will be gathering together on April 5, 6, 9 & 10 to begin its team building process.

All coaches should have their team rosters in hand by April 16th to which you will be contacted shortly after. Please ensure that around this time you check Junk/Spam folders regularly. In the meanwhile we ask that parents ensure that their children have all the proper equipment to get started. 

  • Hockey helmet with full facial cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Soccer shin guards
  • Hockey stick (wood or composite only)
  • Running shoes

If any of these items are missing the referees will not allow the children to play.

Schedules are currently posted online but remain tentative until all league fees are paid in full.

Failure to submit a payment could change the entire schedule for all divisions.

(Example) Novice Division in South Simcoe is structured for 7 teams but if 15 players remain unpaid it will change to 6 teams therefore changing times for all other divisions.

If you still have a pending payment we ask that you submit an etransfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and use the password ballhockey2018.

Registration Deadline

Online registration for all of the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues (Barrie, Bradford, Georgina & Innisfil) will end on March 23rd.

Some of our offered division are at almost capacity and may close before the scheduled deadline.

We have in person registration on Saturday March 10th at the Georgina Ice Palace from 10am to 2pm and on Sunday March 11th at the Innisfil Recreation Centre from 10am to 1pm.

There may be a possibility that we will accept registrations after this deadline but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate friend requests.

Online Registration

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