2014 Winter All-Star Game

Featured 2014 Winter All-Star Game
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DPBHL All-Star

The planning and preparing for the yearly All Star Day begins three months in advance. Every detail is checked and double checked to ensure a smoothly run day of festivities. Hours upon hours of voluntary work goes in by many individuals. From selecting the All Star teams, creating the handout, creating a logo and many other tasks everyone pulled together to make the 2014 All Star Day the best event we’ve held to date. The atmosphere was electric and the smiles and laughter was prominent as everyone had a great time. The games were exciting and all eight teams put on a show for the fans in attendance and the shootout’s seemed to be the fan’s favourite.

My favourite game over the last couple of years has to be the Masters All Star game. These guys just get it. They come out and have a great time. With their family and friends in attendance they put on a great show and everyone goes home happy. The 2013 Fall Champion Venetian Lions put on an All Star record show scoring ten times. The Masters All Stars took the game in stride and struck back with three goals of their own. It wasn’t about the final score but about the game and the many talented players on the floor at the same time. The talent on display leads me to believe that many of these players should and could still compete at the Premier or Tier 2 level. Scoring for the All Stars were Mike Caranci (Alumni), Nick Canalli (Jaguars) and Stan Iuglio (Flyers). Venetian Lions goals scored by Ivano Conte, Luigi Paladino, Vic Bonifazi, Paul Mauti, Adriano Oilva, Steve Campagna, Chris Manos, Harj Singh and two by Gus Kourousis who also took home Game MVP with five points. Mike Gennaro of the Flyers with three assists took home the All Stars Game MVP. The shootout was also won by the Lions by the score of 2-1. Lions goals scored by Kourousis and Paladino. All Stars only answer was Alumni’s Mike Caranci.

The Premier game featured the defending Downsview Park Premier Champions the Metro Orangemen and their undefeated season facing the Premier All Stars selected by North York Hitmen Head Coach Angelo Gaetano. The players were all talking and joking before the game a site we don’t often see before Premier games. When it came down to the game the Orangemen do what the Orangemen do and that’s win ball hockey games. In a game where talent was on full display the Orangemen would come away with a 4-1 victory. Scoring for the home team were Ricardo Pires, Chris Creador, Justin Cabral and Andy Pacheco. Replying for the All Stars was Tyler Roache from the Barrie Flyers. The shootout had a lot of tricks and spins but in the end the Orangemen once again were victorious by a score of 2-0 on goals by Paul Lima and Creador. The Game MVP’s went to the Orangemen’s #16 Glen Bradbury who had four assists and the All Stars MVP representing the Toronto Thunder was veteran Paul Duarte. Next up was the Tier 2 game.

Having the honour of selecting this team personally, I was proud to say that all twenty two All Stars selected were present. The Barrie Flyers, reigning DPBHL Tier 2 Winter Champions, were also raring to go as the stage was set and it was time to draw the curtain. The All Stars were looking to rebound from a 2013 loss to the Toronto Titans and the starting lineup featured a trio of Falcons and the tone had been set. The All Stars firing on all cylinders opened a 5-0 lead. The Barrie Flyers found their stride and scored before the period was over. A valiant effort as the Flyers would storm back but came up short making the final score read 6-4 All Stars. Tallying for the All Stars were Andrew Sisi (Falcons), Jason Arruda (Titans), Sean Duggan (Hitmen), Ago Curtosi (Hitmen), Frank Costa (TBB) and Nick Lombardi (Titans). Answering for the Flyers were Randy Kelly, Matt Richardson, Justin Hart and Tim Dickey. In the shootout both teams played up to the crowd as their one on one talent were on full display. Two fantastic moments came when Marcel Mallais tried to pull the Claude Giroux over goaltender Ralph Pellicori. The goalie won that battle. Then Brandon Brown tired the slide and hand pass to his stick. Again the goalie wins. The All Stars would finally win the breakaway competition after nine shooters as they outscore the Flyers 3-2. Scoring for the All Stars were Daniel Ponce from the Falcons, Robbie Mentis of the North York Sharks and the game winner by Lombardi. Flyers goals were scored by Cory Wick and David Pryke. Game MVP’s went to All Star Curtosi and Flyers Dickey.

Our first instalment of the Tier 3 game was not what many expected. Instead of an All Star game these two sides played like it was game three of the finals. Neither team was ready to give up an inch. They battled in an intense manner instead of the laid back atmosphere we were used to in an All Star game. The Vaughan Flames took the 2013 Fall season by defeating all comers never tasting defeat. In the end the All Stars broke that streak and came away with a 6-4 victory. Scoring for the Flames were Mark Duchich, Paul Mauti, Dorvin Jordan and Luigi Caruso. The All Stars goal scorers were Mike Rose (Toronto Rage), Salih Azmi (Shaolin Monks), Luke Rubio (Rage), Lee Druken (Garage Guys) and two by Young Gunz forward Mike Bozzo. With those two goals, one being the GWG, Bozzo took home the Game MVP honours. Shawn Noble would be the Game MVP for the Flames.

I would like to thank Po.10.tial Athletics who gave out the Player of the Game awards, Givova for supplying the commemorative t-shirts, Hostess and Kirkland for keeping the players and spectators hydrated and fuelled, Marco Mariani for DJ’ing the event, Adrian “Eddy “Goddard our MC for the day, Terry the photographer for catching all the days moments, Michelle the timekeeper, Matt and Rocky our referees and 45 Productions for filming the day’s events.

I would like to take this time to also thank everyone who played a role in making this day a success. The efforts the players and coaches and the fans, for it is all of you that make us what we are today. Without the assistance of league coordinator Pino Panza we would never be able to get this game off the ground and I personally would like to thank him for his dedication, vision and passion for the sport, the league and the All Star Event. Planning and preparation has already begun for the 2015 All Star Day Event and we promise bigger and better.

Peter Lorusso 
Premier Commissioner 
ASD Committee Chair