Georgina Evaluations

The following players will be attending the player evaluations at the Sutton Arena on Thursday April 18th. 

Please ensure all players come with proper equipment. This includes a Hockey Stick, Soccer or Ball Hockey Shin Guards, Helmet with full facial cage, Hockey Gloves and Running Shoes. 

Upon arrival children will be assigned pinnies, go through a few basic rules followed by a scrimmage for 45 minutes as coaches and volunteers evaluate the players.

We are still looking for two coaches in each of our two divisions. Please contact Marco at 416-671-3893 if you wish to help out. 

Novice Atom
6:30pm 7:30pm
A. Robson B. Smockum
K. Monks J. Rybas
M. Barratt B. Hann
L. Jansen O. Gilbert
M. Morgenroth W. MacLeod
J. Miedema T. Tanguay
L. Krasovskis S. Carbert
S. Whitton E. Balinas
M. Chisholm T. Davis (Coach)
L. Murray J. Taverner
L. Stephenson J. Rodrigues
R. Goodman B. Goodman
P. Hennessey (Coach) K. Gemon
L. Murray K. Kortko
A. Houston L. Cuillerier
W. Mackey T. Tenney
K. Mahood O. Bernier
C. McConnell C. ONeill
G. Harris C. Lean
Q. King P. Withey
R. Allen L. Mahood
A. Lyons S. Hickman
A. Walker N. Lahti (Coach)
M. Mayer E. McConnell
C. Banting K. McCabe
S. Attanasio L. Zabielski
R. Klobucar H. Allen
E. Sedore B. Allen
J. Smith R. Earle
A. Rae H Lindsay
D. French C. MacDonald
M. Hristow J. Risk
K. Cummings (Coach) E. St-laurent
B. Cummings D. Salt
N. Eustace C. Boddy
O. MacGillivray C. Fraser
    E. Nicholson
    M. Nie
    R. Naylor
    J. Walsh
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Coaching Incentive

Ball Hockey is a sport that requires many volunteers however as the league continues to grow we want to ensure that all our teams are equipped with certified head coaches. This will ensure that all our players have equal opportunity when it comes to leadership behind the bench.

The league will still accept applications from anyone wishing to coach however only those that are certified will receive first opportunity to take on a team and benefit from this cash incentive.

Player fees must be paid in full upon registration however those selected to coach the 2019 season will receive a refund of $80 once the season gets on it way.

If you are interested in applying for a coaching position please click here

Thank You

Bradford Fall Season Ball Hockey

Registration for the 2018 Bradford Ball Hockey fall season is now available online.

The season will run every Sunday from October 28 and run until late January
(no games during the school winter holidays (Christmas))

We are currently offering three divisions.

Tyke – (2010-2011)
- Approx. playing times (10am, 11am, 12pm)

Novice – (2008-2009)
- Approx.. playing times (12pm, 1pm, 2pm)

Atom – (2006-2007)
-Approx. playing times (2pm, 3pm, 4pm)

All games will be played out of the Bradford District Community Centre located at 125 Simcoe Rd.

Registration costs are $135 per player, which will include.

  • 8 regular season games + 2 playoff games
  • Limited insurance
  • Jersey
  • Awards
  • Online team standings and player stats.
  • Photos
  • Season end pizza and drinks
  • Opportunity to play in the OBHF winter provincials (Location TBD)

At this time we are only accepting online registration with two payment options only. (cheque or etransfer) We will host an in person registration in mid September once the children are back in school.

The deadline to register is September 30

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2018 Georgina Rosters

All teams are final; we have tried to accommodate as many friend requests as possible while still trying to keep the division fair.

Coaches will contact their teams once instructed by our administration. Even though schedule is posted it is still tentative and hasn’t been finalized by the municipality.

Our vice-president and convenor Paul Cleveland has taken on some extra duties at his regular full time position and we are currently looking for a convenor in his replacement. If you are interested in this position and like to get more information please contact our president at 416-671-3893.   

 B. Addison Kerney
 F. Monaghan
 G. Vriesen
 P. Boyko-Vekin
 P. Hickey
 T. Morrow
 A. Robson
 B. Mattachione
 C. Thibault
 J. Norris
 J. Norris
 M. Cronk
 A. Turner
 C. Williams
 J. Mclean
 L. Sabath
 M. Sutton
 T. Johnston
 B. Kirk
 I. Morra
 J. Smith
 K. Morgan
 M. Wood
 R. Baziuk
TYKE DIVISION (2009-2011)
Red Wings
coach: Mike Heidgress
 C. Rodek
 E. Vandyk
 J. Jamieson
 J. Skead
 J. Heitto
 K. Cummings
 K. Sabath
 L. Glass
 M. Mayer
 N. Eustace
 R. Klobucar
 R. Goodman
 S. Heidgress
 Q. Leekinng
Golden Knights
coach: Richard Lahti
 A. Rae
 B. Johnston
 C. Williams
 D. Rice
 H. Vandewater
 J. Thibault
 K. Langill
 L. Wood
 N. Lahti
 R. Naylor
 R. Angliss
 R. Earle
 S. Whitton
 T. Wood
coach: Jordan Gannon-Lean
 C. Lean
 D. Kirk
 E. Michaud
 L. Armstrong
 L. Jansen
 L. Oram
 M. Smith
 O. Gilbert
 O. MacGillivray
 V. De Ciantis
 R. Gibson
 S. Attanasio
 T. Smyth
coach: Trevor Gear
 A. Houston
 A. Cunningham
 A. Walker
 A. Rasenberg
 C. Banting
 D. French
 J. Eckensweiler
 L. Koyan
 M. Miller
 M. Yates
 M. Nie
 T. Gear
 T. Davis
ATOM DIVISION (2006-2008)
coach: Dan Rogers
 B. Thompson
 C. Wiltshire
 E. Tracey
 J. Hickman
 J. Price
 K. Langill
 K. Skinner
 M. Mckenna
 S. Rogers
 T. Armstrong
 X. Wiltshire
 S. Hickman
coach: Steve Hennigar
 B. Hargraft
 C. MacDonald
 C. O'Neil
 E. Martin
 H. Allen
 J. Walsh
 O. Bernier
 P. Hennigar
 Q. Croteau
 C. Granger
 J. Hickman
coach: Sarah Boddy
 B. Goodman
 C. Boddy
 E. Knox
 E. Purkis
 E. Mouland
 G. Brouwer
 K. Brouwer
 L. Davy
 L. Domingos
 L. McCabe
 C. Coulter
 Z. Zabielski
coach: Avery Morgenroth
 A. Bolin Moss
 M. Morgenroth
 C. Felhaber
 J. Miller
 J. Taverner
 J. Cronk
 N. Cronsberry
 N. Smith
 R. Taylor
 S. Geniole
 J. St. Germain
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Team Info / Schedules

Attention to all registered members in Barrie, Bradford, Georgina and Innisfil leagues. At this time we ask that everyone remains patient, as the board will be gathering together on April 5, 6, 9 & 10 to begin its team building process.

All coaches should have their team rosters in hand by April 16th to which you will be contacted shortly after. Please ensure that around this time you check Junk/Spam folders regularly. In the meanwhile we ask that parents ensure that their children have all the proper equipment to get started. 

  • Hockey helmet with full facial cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Soccer shin guards
  • Hockey stick (wood or composite only)
  • Running shoes

If any of these items are missing the referees will not allow the children to play.

Schedules are currently posted online but remain tentative until all league fees are paid in full.

Failure to submit a payment could change the entire schedule for all divisions.

(Example) Novice Division in South Simcoe is structured for 7 teams but if 15 players remain unpaid it will change to 6 teams therefore changing times for all other divisions.

If you still have a pending payment we ask that you submit an etransfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and use the password ballhockey2018.

Registration Deadline

Online registration for all of the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues (Barrie, Bradford, Georgina & Innisfil) will end on March 23rd.

Some of our offered division are at almost capacity and may close before the scheduled deadline.

We have in person registration on Saturday March 10th at the Georgina Ice Palace from 10am to 2pm and on Sunday March 11th at the Innisfil Recreation Centre from 10am to 1pm.

There may be a possibility that we will accept registrations after this deadline but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate friend requests.

Online Registration

Ball Hockey Registration

South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues has confirmed all its dates for this year’s in-person registration dates.

  • February 17 - Bradford Leisure Centre – 9am to 12pm
  • February 24 - Innisfil Recreation Complex – 10am to 2pm
  • February 25 - Georgina Ice Palace – 10am to 2pm
  • March 10 - Georgina Ice Palace – 10am to 2pm
  • March 11 - Innisfil Recreation Complex – 10am to 1pm
  • March 17 - Bradford Leisure Centre – 9am to 12pm
  • March 24 - Innisfil Recreation Complex – 10am to 2pm

Any changes to these dates can be viewed on our EVENTS page. We will also notify members about any sudden changes via our twitter feed.

You can also register online for any of minor leagues

To register for the South Simcoe men’s league click here

At this time we are only accepting cheques and eTransfers for online registrations.

An email will be sent with further instructions once you submit your registration. Please ensure you check junk/spam mail folders before you contact our administration.

At our in person registration dates we will be accepting: Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or eTransfers.

In order to ensure our uniforms arrive on time all online registrations will end on March 24th.

Georgina 2018 Ball Hockey

The Georgina Minor Ball Hockey League has now opened its online registration for the 2018 spring season.

In-person registration dates will become available once the dates have been confirmed.  More info in regards to this will be made available on our website shortly.

Registering Online allows you to fill the form and use our pay later option. This will save your spot for a maximum of 14 days. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to remit payment.

Our days of play will remain the same as last year.
9 games played on Sundays - 2 games played on Saturdays (No games scheduled on the long weekends)

  • Squirt (2012-2013) 9:00am
  • Tyke (2010-2011) 10:00am or 11:00am
  • Novice (2008-2009) 12:00pm or 1:00pm
  • Atom (2006-2007) 2:00pm or 3:00pm
  • Peewee (2004-2005) 4:00pm or 5:00pm
  • Highschool (2000-2003) 6:00pm or 7:00pm

We plan to play most of our games out of the Georgina Ice Palace however their may be a possibility of starting the season at the Georgina Sutton Arena. The season will begin on the mid April and run until the end of June

All players are required to have the following equipment:

  • Helmet with full facial cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Soccer or ball hockey shin guards
  • Hockey stick with no plastic blade (wood or composite are ok)
  • Running shoes

The league is also looking for young officials and timekeepers.

All referees will have to attend a half-day OBHF certification clinic. Clinics are available at Timekeepers will be trained at the rink by one of our staff members or volunteers.

We also accept students looking to receive their high school community hours.

Lastly, the league is looking for your assistance is seeking sponsorships. If you know anyone that may be interested, please have him or her contact the league directly or fill out the following form. SPONSORSHIP FORM

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