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2021 Season Update

As many of you already know, our 2020 season was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. By now the league should have been accepting registration for the 2021 season beginning in early April however at this time we have decided to make the following changes as we wait to hear from both provincial and municipal governments.

With current vaccinations ongoing we hope to hear promising news in the months ahead. If our region comes out from lockout mode by early March we have come up with the following itinerary:

March 19 – (2020 Members) Registration opens up for refunded 2020 members at a $60 discount

March 29 (Referral Program) - Any new referrals to our program from refunded 2020 members will be entitled to a $10 incentive per new player once our season begins (maximum 6 referrals – total $60)

April 9 – (Wide Open) – The league will begin to advertise on Social Media, Local Newspapers, and Schools allowing all others to register.

We plan to begin our season on the week of May 16 and end by July 9.

Depending on what level of caution we are in we do plan for the children to come back and play the game as it is intended to play with only the following modifications.

  • Teams will not switch nets
  • 2-minute penalties will automatically become penalty shots
  • Teams will not shake hands
  • Teams would have a maximum of 10 runners and a goalie
  • Games will be reduced from 32 minutes to 28 minutes per game
  • Teams will only play once per week

We would like to see entire families come out to watch the children play however we have a few scenarios in play depending what level of caution we are in.

Our scenarios would be as follows from worst to best

Scenario 1:

  • Each team would have 2 coaches, 1 COVID co-ordinator and 1 Videographer
  • The COVID co-ordinator will screen all players before entry to the arena
  • The Videographer will stream games online (Facebook, Twitch etc.)

Scenario 2:

  • Each team would have 2 coaches and 2 COVID co-ordinators
  • COVID co-ordinator 1 will screen all players before entry to the arena
  • COVID co-ordinator 2 will screen one parent from each family before entry to the arena

Scenario 3:

  • Each team would have 3 coaches and 2 COVID co-ordinators
  • COVID co-ordinator 1 will screen all players before entry to the arena
  • COVID co-ordinator 2 will screen a max of two parents from each family before entry to the arena

With games being played in the warmer months we won’t be using any of the assigned changing rooms therefore all players should be dressed and ready to play before entry to the building.

For the time being we remain patient and hope to have more news in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe and we hope to see everyone back in the months ahead.

2020 Season Update

As of March 23rd, 2020, the upcoming ball hockey season has not been canceled. We have pushed back our start date to the weekend of May 2nd. On April 18th we will receive further news from the Canadian Ball Hockey Association on how to proceed with the upcoming season. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of all players and families. If at that time we are forced to cancel the season refunds will follow to all members in a paid status.

We ask at this time everyone remains patient and continues to social distance themselves to prevent any further spread.

As parents with children in multiple sports there is nothing we want more for them, to resume their normal lives once this is all over. You'r patience at the time is greatly appreciated.

COVID-19 Update

The Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) is committed to providing its participants and other support groups related to our programs, a safe and healthy environment in which to enjoy the sport of ball hockey.

With the recent events relating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the CBHA Board of Directors have made the decision to suspend all CBHA sanctioned activities (including those of our member provinces and leagues), effective Tuesday March 17, 2020 until Friday April 17, 2020. This date may change due to the nature of the situation. The CBHA Board of Directors and its member Provinces will provide a status update as we approach April 17th.

The Board is unanimous in their position that this is the proper and responsible action required to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved with CBHA sanctioned programs.

The CBHA has been advised that the ISBHF will be meeting very soon to discuss the upcoming World Championship events in Europe. The CBHA will await direction from the ISBHF and advise its members accordingly.

The CBHA will continue to monitor the situation and will keep our members posted on any new developments and actions that may be required.

The CBHA wishes to thank, in advance, all involved with CBHA programs and activities for their cooperation as we all navigate through this unique and difficult situation.

How does the affect the upcoming season? - South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues has set up a contingency plan if we are unable to start April 18th.

We plan to offer the members on what was advertised however we have several possibilities and won’t know how will proceed until we get closer to the CBHA deadline of April 17th. If the severity of this unforeseen Pandemic continues and a start date is not in place for the weekend of May 2nd/3rd we will cancel the season and begin to offer full refunds to our registered members. 

Stay healthy and we hope to see you all soon. 

Looking for Officials

The South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues is currently looking for game officials. All those that are interested must attend the OBHF Referee Certification Clinic. The SSBHL will reimburse 50% of your certification fees (minors only) once you have completed the course and successfully worked a total of 15 hours. (15 games) Based on how our divisions are structured all referees must be 12 years or older to officiate in our league.

You can sign up for a nearby clinic by clicking here. If you have any further questions you can contact Lino Chioma at the OBHF office at 647-781-1818

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