2015 Rosters & Info

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teamrostersWelcome to the 2015 spring season.

We are excited to get the season started but before we do we like to remind you of what to expect on opening day and what parents can do to make things run smoothly.

Within the next couple of days a coach will contact you with information regarding your child’s team. If your team does not have an assigned coach a league representative will contact you with further information. If you do decide to coach one of these teams please contact us ASAP. 

We recommend that everyone try to arrive at least half hour early so that kids can pick up uniforms and go through some basic playing rules with the coaches.

Please make sure that all players are in full equipment. This includes a helmet with full facial cage, hockey gloves, soccer shin guards, hockey stick with no plastic blade and running shoes. If any of these items are missing you child will not be allowed to step on the playing surface.

While the coach and players get to know each other we ask that you kindly write your child’s name on the back his helmet using a piece of masking tape and black marker.

If you should ever arrive to a game and it has already begun please make sure you check in with our timekeeper.

The league will supply warm up and game balls. These are to remain at the rink and not to take home.

Our goal is to keep friends playing with friends but our biggest priority is to maintain a balanced level of play.

If we need, we will rebalance teams between your third and forth game.

Lets have a great season!!!

Bradford Squirt - Orange Bradford Squirt - Black Innisfil Squirt - Orange Innisfil Squirt - Black
B. Battaglia A. Tee A. Galarneau A. Rewega
J. Hall C. Coulton A. Johnston C. Collins
L. Van Bakel C. Laing C. Hanlon C. Dixon
N. Proctor J. Gruber C. Lapierre C. Gatherum
R. Lucia K. Boyle E. Richer C. Hope
T. Bartley L. Godward H. Davis E. Hansen
X. Mosquera   J. Kayno G. Jackson
    J. Tullio J. Floros
    K. Schell K. Whitehouse
    L. Mariani L. Ferguson
    N. Wilson M. MacNeil
    O. Magill N. Robertson
    T. Richardson T. Seaton
Tyke - Bruins Tyke - Red Wings Tyke - Rangers Tyke - Blackhawks
coach - Danny Bettencourt coach - Dylan Crandles coach - Lloyd Howard  coach - EMPTY
A. Munro Glandfield A. Dias A. Cuniberti A. Schell
A. Simmons B. Schlechter B. St. John C. Van Bakel
A. Angione C. Marson D. Kondrat C. Richardson
D. Simmons D. Ienco H. Adams E. Bruder
D. Vivian J. Plant I. Tanguay-Parker H. Dekleyne
D. Bettencourt L. Carvalho J. Robertson J. Obredor
J. Seaton M. Ball J. Waite J. Cirone
L. Cameron N. DaSilva J. Fitch L. Smeets
L. Lewis O. Vergucht K. Jackson M. Luongo
M. Bettencourt R. Crandles L. Heymemans N. Belanger
Q. Curry S. Henderson M. Hicks N. Pasquantonio
S. Failla W. Schlechter N. Greco N. Cowan
W. Lyte Z. Cameron T. MacGregor N. Scrimgeour
    W. Miedema  
Novice - Kings Novice - Sharks Novice - Predators Novice - Ducks
coach - Tom Mills coach - Lance Dunn coach - Gary Joly coach - Rob Figliano
A. Neto C. Tremain A. Demaine C. Foley
B. Bruneau G. Goncalves A . Cavalheiro J. Marr
D. Finn H. Therrien A. Bala J. Catojo
D. Dos Santos J. Tavolieri C. Demaine J. Williams
E. Ford J. Pasquantonio D. MacGregor J. Catojo
E. Perry J. Cornwell D. Rubino M. Lambert
J. Sweeny J. Dunn G. Sisera M. Matus
J. Tulino K. Sloan G. Zazorin N. Mowry
J. Gillard K. Therrien J. Monk Q. Tram
M. Lawrie L. Fortner J. Nardella R. Figliano
S. Mills L. Barton L. Curro S. Hewit
T. Weese M. Ferreira M. Greco S. Mariani
    N. Joly  
Atom/Peewee - Flames Atom/Peewee - Nordiques Atom/Peewee - Whalers Atom/Peewee - North Stars
coach - Keith Reeves coach - Scott Frederick coach - Orlando Araujo coach - Rick Sowman
A. Clayton A. Albini A. Giordano B. Speelman
A. Morby A. Gardiner A. Saracino B. Brown
A. Angione A. Caldwell B. Mowry C. Jende
A. Mckay A. Hagger C. Sguigna D. Ferreira
B. Arnott B. Philp E. Johnson D. Sowman
C. Palmer C. Ethan J. Bradley D. Carson
C. Fowler D. Frederick J. Speers H. Hanna
J. Fowler E. Drummond J. Oake J. Zafran
J. Rundle H. Hudson L. Araujo K. Ferreira
K. Carlin M. Barranger L. Batista L. Moore
O. Carlin M. Tremain M. Carson L. Nickle
R. Lewis N. Digiulio N. Smuszkiewicz N. Hale
T. Reeves N. Pare R. Araujo O. Mills
T. Andrews R. Smith S. Hardacre R. Gilbert
  R. Kiernan   Z. Brown
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