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2019 Fall Ball Hockey

We will be offering the following divisions of play:

Tyke (2011-12)
Novice (2009-10)
Atom (2007-08)

The league will begin on October 20th and run to February 9th. All games will be played on Sunday’s at the Bradford District Community Centre.

Schedule times are not yet confirmed however we do plan to start with the Tyke division roughly around 11am/12pm and work towards the older division from there.

The season will consist of 13 games total in 16 weeks. There will be a 2-week break in play when the children are home form school during the Christmas Break.

All players will receive a Jersey, Awards, Pizza and Drinks. We also have player of the game awards to give away.

We also plan to send teams to the OBHF winter provincials however at this time location and date are not available but its usually sometime in mid February.

If anyone is interested in the upcoming season please click the following link to sign up.

Ice Hockey Goalie Incentives

Goaltenders require abilities such as physical strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, as well as the command of technique, systems and strategies. Many years of practice and training go into becoming a goaltender to enhance the level of individual performance.

Year after year ball hockey leagues across the country continue to have many parents upset when scores run high. In most cases one team may be equipped with an experienced ice hockey goalie while other teams are just rotating through their roster on a weekly basis just to get by.

As a league our main priority is for the children to have fun, however we do understand that sometimes when a team is not equipped with a proper goalie it may get frustrating for everyone at times.

This year we will be offering an incentive to all ice hockey goalies tyke through atom registering with the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues.

Families registering their children as a goalie must do so online (Innisfil, Barrie, Bradford or Georgina) but must also fill out our goalie application form which gives us a little more information on goalie background.

Once we confirm that your child has been playing on a team as a full time goalie the league will refund $85 back to the family as we get closer to our Championship weekend in late June.

2018/19 Fall Season Thanks

The Bradford Minor Ball Hockey League would like to thank the staff, volunteers and everyone else that helped make the Fall 2018/2019 a great season.

With only three teams in our Tyke division we would like to start off by thanking New Tecumseth president Carlo Carlucci in working with our league to ensure a 4th team made its way to Bradford on a weekly basis to keep our schedule consistent.

Our three selected head coaches, Derek Resendes, Mike Tabone and Michael Robinson and their selected coaching staff. You guys were all awesome and did a fantastic job with your teams.

Our sponsor Northfleet Concrete that helped fund our division and purchased every child a ball hockey jersey. For anyone that may have a future project please ensure you check them out first. 

Special thank you to Brailyn and the Ferreira family for hanging out at the arena for several hours volunteering their time ensuring gamesheets were filled and games were properly time kept.

Today’s team banquet was brought to you by Lemurs Pizza and No Frills Alcona, which donated the beverages to all the young players.

Lastly Jennifer McMillian took several hours and continues to respond to emails as Spring 2019 season preparations are on their way. Without her big heart and 100% volunteered time none of this would have been possible.

Have a safe winter and I hope to see you all back in the spring season.

Marco Mariani

Bradford Fall Season Ball Hockey

Registration for the 2018 Bradford Ball Hockey fall season is now available online.

The season will run every Sunday from October 28 and run until late January
(no games during the school winter holidays (Christmas))

We are currently offering three divisions.

Tyke – (2010-2011)
- Approx. playing times (10am, 11am, 12pm)

Novice – (2008-2009)
- Approx.. playing times (12pm, 1pm, 2pm)

Atom – (2006-2007)
-Approx. playing times (2pm, 3pm, 4pm)

All games will be played out of the Bradford District Community Centre located at 125 Simcoe Rd.

Registration costs are $135 per player, which will include.

  • 8 regular season games + 2 playoff games
  • Limited insurance
  • Jersey
  • Awards
  • Online team standings and player stats.
  • Photos
  • Season end pizza and drinks
  • Opportunity to play in the OBHF winter provincials (Location TBD)

At this time we are only accepting online registration with two payment options only. (cheque or etransfer) We will host an in person registration in mid September once the children are back in school.

The deadline to register is September 30

2017 Fall Ball Hockey Season

Registration for the 2017 Fall Ball Hockey Season is now available on our website.

All games will be played indoors at the Bradford District Community Centre on Sunday afternoons beginning on October 15th and ending on December 10th.

We are currently accepting children born between 2003 and 2010.
All registered players will receive a jersey and year-end awards.

Cost per player is $135.00. A discount may apply if registering more than one family member so please ensure you contact Jennifer before registering at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register online please go to the following link:

Bradford Ball Hockey Finds New Home

Last summer the South Simcoe Ball Hockey leagues hosted the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation Minor Provincials. It used rinks in Barrie, Innisfil, and Bradford. At which time we got a taste of something that had never before been done; We played ball hockey out of the Bob Fallis Arena.

157 teams from across the province participated or competed in this tournament. All those that had the opportunity to play at the Bob Fallis arena preferred not to play elsewhere

Having been involved in minor hockey for the last 15 years, this could easily be one of the top 5 facilities I've seen ball hockey played out of.

At that time I felt that it was important that the Bradford Minor Ball Hockey League and its members all got the chance to use this facility rather than the old Bradford CC.

Earlier this year we put in a request to the Town to use this facility as our new ball hockey home. Great news was brought forward to us early this week and our request has been granted.

All regular season games this year will be played out of the Bob Fallis Arena.

With many other sport activities happening in town being played on the weekdays the board of directors have decided to change our playing days to Sunday afternoon and ending in the evenings depending on what division you’re registered with.

The season will commence in late April and end in late June.

Draft times for divisions are as follows:

Tyke: 11:00am or 1:00pm
Novice: 12:00pm or 2:00pm
Atom: 3:00pm or 5:00pm
Peewee: 4:00pm or 6:00pm
Highschool: 7:00pm or 8:00pm


Fall Season - Minors and Women's

Registration for the Fall Minor and Women’s Season is now open.

Both minors and women would start in late September and run until mid December.

For the minors we offer the following divisions:

Tyke – 2008-2010
Novice – 2005-2007
Atom – 2002-2004
Peewee – 1999-2001

Games for the minors will be held at the Bradford District Community Centre on Saturday late mornings/early afternoons.

The season will consist of 9 regular season games + 2 playoff games. Each team will also receive 2 practices on a Wednesday evening.

All registered players will receive a t-shirt style jersey (full color), year-end awards (team and individual), limited insurance and online statistics. $130 (per player)

For all you MOMS that want to get into the game, The Bradford Women’s League is now accepting registration for the fall season as well.

You can register as an individual ($150) or come in as a team ($1900) we strongly recommend at least 14 ladies if you choose this option. However if you have fewer than the recommended we ask that you let us know in advance so that we can add individuals to fill up your roster.

All women’s games will be played on Monday evenings. The season consists of 10 regular season games, 2 playoff games and 1 practice on a Wednesday evening.

All ladies will receive a t-shirt style jersey, cash prize for playoff champions, which will also earn a spot at the OBHF winter provincials. (Fun and great exercise)


2015 Rosters & Info

teamrostersWelcome to the 2015 spring season.

We are excited to get the season started but before we do we like to remind you of what to expect on opening day and what parents can do to make things run smoothly.

Within the next couple of days a coach will contact you with information regarding your child’s team. If your team does not have an assigned coach a league representative will contact you with further information. If you do decide to coach one of these teams please contact us ASAP. 

We recommend that everyone try to arrive at least half hour early so that kids can pick up uniforms and go through some basic playing rules with the coaches.

Please make sure that all players are in full equipment. This includes a helmet with full facial cage, hockey gloves, soccer shin guards, hockey stick with no plastic blade and running shoes. If any of these items are missing you child will not be allowed to step on the playing surface.

While the coach and players get to know each other we ask that you kindly write your child’s name on the back his helmet using a piece of masking tape and black marker.

If you should ever arrive to a game and it has already begun please make sure you check in with our timekeeper.

The league will supply warm up and game balls. These are to remain at the rink and not to take home.

Our goal is to keep friends playing with friends but our biggest priority is to maintain a balanced level of play.

If we need, we will rebalance teams between your third and forth game.

Lets have a great season!!!

Bradford Squirt - Orange Bradford Squirt - Black Innisfil Squirt - Orange Innisfil Squirt - Black
B. Battaglia A. Tee A. Galarneau A. Rewega
J. Hall C. Coulton A. Johnston C. Collins
L. Van Bakel C. Laing C. Hanlon C. Dixon
N. Proctor J. Gruber C. Lapierre C. Gatherum
R. Lucia K. Boyle E. Richer C. Hope
T. Bartley L. Godward H. Davis E. Hansen
X. Mosquera   J. Kayno G. Jackson
    J. Tullio J. Floros
    K. Schell K. Whitehouse
    L. Mariani L. Ferguson
    N. Wilson M. MacNeil
    O. Magill N. Robertson
    T. Richardson T. Seaton
Tyke - Bruins Tyke - Red Wings Tyke - Rangers Tyke - Blackhawks
coach - Danny Bettencourt coach - Dylan Crandles coach - Lloyd Howard  coach - EMPTY
A. Munro Glandfield A. Dias A. Cuniberti A. Schell
A. Simmons B. Schlechter B. St. John C. Van Bakel
A. Angione C. Marson D. Kondrat C. Richardson
D. Simmons D. Ienco H. Adams E. Bruder
D. Vivian J. Plant I. Tanguay-Parker H. Dekleyne
D. Bettencourt L. Carvalho J. Robertson J. Obredor
J. Seaton M. Ball J. Waite J. Cirone
L. Cameron N. DaSilva J. Fitch L. Smeets
L. Lewis O. Vergucht K. Jackson M. Luongo
M. Bettencourt R. Crandles L. Heymemans N. Belanger
Q. Curry S. Henderson M. Hicks N. Pasquantonio
S. Failla W. Schlechter N. Greco N. Cowan
W. Lyte Z. Cameron T. MacGregor N. Scrimgeour
    W. Miedema  
Novice - Kings Novice - Sharks Novice - Predators Novice - Ducks
coach - Tom Mills coach - Lance Dunn coach - Gary Joly coach - Rob Figliano
A. Neto C. Tremain A. Demaine C. Foley
B. Bruneau G. Goncalves A . Cavalheiro J. Marr
D. Finn H. Therrien A. Bala J. Catojo
D. Dos Santos J. Tavolieri C. Demaine J. Williams
E. Ford J. Pasquantonio D. MacGregor J. Catojo
E. Perry J. Cornwell D. Rubino M. Lambert
J. Sweeny J. Dunn G. Sisera M. Matus
J. Tulino K. Sloan G. Zazorin N. Mowry
J. Gillard K. Therrien J. Monk Q. Tram
M. Lawrie L. Fortner J. Nardella R. Figliano
S. Mills L. Barton L. Curro S. Hewit
T. Weese M. Ferreira M. Greco S. Mariani
    N. Joly  
Atom/Peewee - Flames Atom/Peewee - Nordiques Atom/Peewee - Whalers Atom/Peewee - North Stars
coach - Keith Reeves coach - Scott Frederick coach - Orlando Araujo coach - Rick Sowman
A. Clayton A. Albini A. Giordano B. Speelman
A. Morby A. Gardiner A. Saracino B. Brown
A. Angione A. Caldwell B. Mowry C. Jende
A. Mckay A. Hagger C. Sguigna D. Ferreira
B. Arnott B. Philp E. Johnson D. Sowman
C. Palmer C. Ethan J. Bradley D. Carson
C. Fowler D. Frederick J. Speers H. Hanna
J. Fowler E. Drummond J. Oake J. Zafran
J. Rundle H. Hudson L. Araujo K. Ferreira
K. Carlin M. Barranger L. Batista L. Moore
O. Carlin M. Tremain M. Carson L. Nickle
R. Lewis N. Digiulio N. Smuszkiewicz N. Hale
T. Reeves N. Pare R. Araujo O. Mills
T. Andrews R. Smith S. Hardacre R. Gilbert
  R. Kiernan   Z. Brown
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