2013 Spring Rosters

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The teams have been assembled and coaches should be contacting you soon. Please make sure you bring all madatory equipment to your first game or the refs will not allow your child to play. Uniforms will be handed out prior to your first game.

We are still looking for coaches in the Tyke - Baby Blue, Red and Yellow teams. If you wish to volunteer please contact us ASAP.

Squirt - Baby Blue Squirt - Green Squirt - Red Squirt - Yellow
B. Boileau L. Allega S. Browning Z. Cameron
M. Flammia D. Farr B. Carlin K. Duchich
S. Flammia B. Houston T. Dodds L. Gautreau
L. Glionna D. Jansen J. France-Spring N. Geertsema
L. Gordon L. Mancini O. McKay B. Harrison
C. Halliday C. Pike C. Mlinaric J. Nelson
D. Kowalewsie C. Richardson A. Moore L. Laakso
P. Moynihan J. Rickard O. Nenoff X. Paiero
R. Moynihan E. Ryan C. Patterson G. Pich
E. Vandenbogaerde   C. Tremblay D. Porter

Tyke / Novice - Blue Tyke / Novice - Gray Tyke / Novice - Red Tyke / Novice - Yellow
O. Carlin F.A. Caietta M. Brenner Z. Desjardins
L. Flammia J. Caietta J. Gilmour C. Hooper
C. Fox T. Clark V. Gilmour J. Lenneville
T. Frisch E. Dennis C. Harris J. Lenneville
C. Jende K. Dodds E. Hedley S. Mariani
L. Montaquie R. Haxton D. MacKenzie A. Mckay
L. Nickle M. Lambert R. Mackinnon L. Moore
B. Palmer D. Malone N. Nelson J. Rundle
T. Payne-Stewart S. Mills L. Ryan B. Sweeny
C. Racioppo E. Sanchez G. Sehn W. Teiter
D. Strickland M. Santos D. Sowman B. Thomas
J. Wall F. Tiangco S. Studdy B. Wilson

Novice / Atom - Baby Blue Novice / Atom - Green Novice / Atom - Orange Novice / Atom - Yellow
B. Arnott K. Carlin J. Bradley team from NEW TEC
E. Bannink T. Haslehurst D. Flammia  
M. Barranger T. Horlings C. Fowler  
Q. Boileau M. Matassini J. Fowler  
D. Carson A. Mikroulis S. Guzman  
T. Cords A. Monaghan N. Lambert  
D. Hasting J. Poole A. Malfara  
H. Hudson S. Russell N. Malfara  
E. Lecce C. Vaine D. Mazzulla  
K. Rae A. Ventimiglia T. McCorquodale  
T. Reeves T. White M. Roach  

Atom / Peewee - Blue Atom / Peewee - Green Atom / Peewee - Grey Atom / Peewee - Red
B. Bruining R. Andrews A. Aloisio K. Ferreira
D. Cini S. Breedon V. Bruining M. Harris
J. Costa S. Brown D. Hamilton - Karvouniaris J. Kennedy
C. Doner P. Forbert K. Lund W. Kneeshaw
A. Giordano N. Jones N. Natale B. Kokkinos
K. Hesmondhalgh J. Laakso J. Sheffer B. Morello
T. Jackson J. Lloyd K. Sheppard C. Morello
J. Lindsay J. Marcal J. Speers C. Robyn
C. Stefaneto S. Phillips S. Reynolds B. Young
M. Zingaro D. Torrie   S. Zadeh

for stats and schedules please CLICK HERE. Please make sure you select your division first.
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