Georgina Evaluations

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The following players will be attending the player evaluations at the Sutton Arena on Thursday April 18th. 

Please ensure all players come with proper equipment. This includes a Hockey Stick, Soccer or Ball Hockey Shin Guards, Helmet with full facial cage, Hockey Gloves and Running Shoes. 

Upon arrival children will be assigned pinnies, go through a few basic rules followed by a scrimmage for 45 minutes as coaches and volunteers evaluate the players.

We are still looking for two coaches in each of our two divisions. Please contact Marco at 416-671-3893 if you wish to help out. 

Novice Atom
6:30pm 7:30pm
A. Robson B. Smockum
K. Monks J. Rybas
M. Barratt B. Hann
L. Jansen O. Gilbert
M. Morgenroth W. MacLeod
J. Miedema T. Tanguay
L. Krasovskis S. Carbert
S. Whitton E. Balinas
M. Chisholm T. Davis (Coach)
L. Murray J. Taverner
L. Stephenson J. Rodrigues
R. Goodman B. Goodman
P. Hennessey (Coach) K. Gemon
L. Murray K. Kortko
A. Houston L. Cuillerier
W. Mackey T. Tenney
K. Mahood O. Bernier
C. McConnell C. ONeill
G. Harris C. Lean
Q. King P. Withey
R. Allen L. Mahood
A. Lyons S. Hickman
A. Walker N. Lahti (Coach)
M. Mayer E. McConnell
C. Banting K. McCabe
S. Attanasio L. Zabielski
R. Klobucar H. Allen
E. Sedore B. Allen
J. Smith R. Earle
A. Rae H Lindsay
D. French C. MacDonald
M. Hristow J. Risk
K. Cummings (Coach) E. St-laurent
B. Cummings D. Salt
N. Eustace C. Boddy
O. MacGillivray C. Fraser
    E. Nicholson
    M. Nie
    R. Naylor
    J. Walsh
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