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Georgina Evaluations

The following players will be attending the player evaluations at the Sutton Arena on Thursday April 18th. 

Please ensure all players come with proper equipment. This includes a Hockey Stick, Soccer or Ball Hockey Shin Guards, Helmet with full facial cage, Hockey Gloves and Running Shoes. 

Upon arrival children will be assigned pinnies, go through a few basic rules followed by a scrimmage for 45 minutes as coaches and volunteers evaluate the players.

We are still looking for two coaches in each of our two divisions. Please contact Marco at 416-671-3893 if you wish to help out. 

Novice Atom
6:30pm 7:30pm
A. Robson B. Smockum
K. Monks J. Rybas
M. Barratt B. Hann
L. Jansen O. Gilbert
M. Morgenroth W. MacLeod
J. Miedema T. Tanguay
L. Krasovskis S. Carbert
S. Whitton E. Balinas
M. Chisholm T. Davis (Coach)
L. Murray J. Taverner
L. Stephenson J. Rodrigues
R. Goodman B. Goodman
P. Hennessey (Coach) K. Gemon
L. Murray K. Kortko
A. Houston L. Cuillerier
W. Mackey T. Tenney
K. Mahood O. Bernier
C. McConnell C. ONeill
G. Harris C. Lean
Q. King P. Withey
R. Allen L. Mahood
A. Lyons S. Hickman
A. Walker N. Lahti (Coach)
M. Mayer E. McConnell
C. Banting K. McCabe
S. Attanasio L. Zabielski
R. Klobucar H. Allen
E. Sedore B. Allen
J. Smith R. Earle
A. Rae H Lindsay
D. French C. MacDonald
M. Hristow J. Risk
K. Cummings (Coach) E. St-laurent
B. Cummings D. Salt
N. Eustace C. Boddy
O. MacGillivray C. Fraser
    E. Nicholson
    M. Nie
    R. Naylor
    J. Walsh

Become A Referee

A new season of Ball Hockey is quickly approaching and there is a requirement that all officials must be registered and certified in order to referee in any OBHF sanctioned league.

Referee training is starting and if you want to officiate this season, now is the time to register and attend a clinic in your area. For information and registration please click here.

Officiating ball hockey is a great way to stay in touch with the game, get some exercise and earn a bit of money.

Ice Hockey Goalie Incentives

Goaltenders require abilities such as physical strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, as well as the command of technique, systems and strategies. Many years of practice and training go into becoming a goaltender to enhance the level of individual performance.

Year after year ball hockey leagues across the country continue to have many parents upset when scores run high. In most cases one team may be equipped with an experienced ice hockey goalie while other teams are just rotating through their roster on a weekly basis just to get by.

As a league our main priority is for the children to have fun, however we do understand that sometimes when a team is not equipped with a proper goalie it may get frustrating for everyone at times.

This year we will be offering an incentive to all ice hockey goalies tyke through atom registering with the South Simcoe Ball Hockey Leagues.

Families registering their children as a goalie must do so online (Innisfil, Barrie, Bradford or Georgina) but must also fill out our goalie application form which gives us a little more information on goalie background.

Once we confirm that your child has been playing on a team as a full time goalie the league will refund $85 back to the family as we get closer to our Championship weekend in late June.

2019 Georgina Minor Ball Hockey Registration

Registration for the Georgina Minor Ball Hockey League is now available.

This year we will be offering the following divisions.

  • Tyke (2011-2012)
  • Novice (2009-2010)
  • Atom (2007-2008)
  • Peewee (2005-2006)
  • Highschool (2001-2004)

All divisions this upcoming season will be played on Sunday however there may be occasional games on Saturday to compensate for any break in play that will occur during long weekends.

This year we have made a few changes and registration will close on April 1st. This will allow us to have all members come out for player evaluation to ensure teams are balanced properly.

The season will commence on the weekend of April 28th and end on June 23rd.

Early bird registration fees of $170 per player will be available until January 12 however after this date it will increase to $185 until our registration closes on April 6th.

We will be offering incentives for certified ice hockey coaches willing to take on a team. Information regarding this will be posted in the New Year after our board meeting on January 18th.

At this time payments can be sent by cheque or etransfer. An email will be sent out to you with further instructions after registering. If you don’t receive an email please contact our administrator Jennifer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will gladly help you out.


2018 Georgina Rosters

All teams are final; we have tried to accommodate as many friend requests as possible while still trying to keep the division fair.

Coaches will contact their teams once instructed by our administration. Even though schedule is posted it is still tentative and hasn’t been finalized by the municipality.

Our vice-president and convenor Paul Cleveland has taken on some extra duties at his regular full time position and we are currently looking for a convenor in his replacement. If you are interested in this position and like to get more information please contact our president at 416-671-3893.   

 B. Addison Kerney
 F. Monaghan
 G. Vriesen
 P. Boyko-Vekin
 P. Hickey
 T. Morrow
 A. Robson
 B. Mattachione
 C. Thibault
 J. Norris
 J. Norris
 M. Cronk
 A. Turner
 C. Williams
 J. Mclean
 L. Sabath
 M. Sutton
 T. Johnston
 B. Kirk
 I. Morra
 J. Smith
 K. Morgan
 M. Wood
 R. Baziuk
TYKE DIVISION (2009-2011)
Red Wings
coach: Mike Heidgress
 C. Rodek
 E. Vandyk
 J. Jamieson
 J. Skead
 J. Heitto
 K. Cummings
 K. Sabath
 L. Glass
 M. Mayer
 N. Eustace
 R. Klobucar
 R. Goodman
 S. Heidgress
 Q. Leekinng
Golden Knights
coach: Richard Lahti
 A. Rae
 B. Johnston
 C. Williams
 D. Rice
 H. Vandewater
 J. Thibault
 K. Langill
 L. Wood
 N. Lahti
 R. Naylor
 R. Angliss
 R. Earle
 S. Whitton
 T. Wood
coach: Jordan Gannon-Lean
 C. Lean
 D. Kirk
 E. Michaud
 L. Armstrong
 L. Jansen
 L. Oram
 M. Smith
 O. Gilbert
 O. MacGillivray
 V. De Ciantis
 R. Gibson
 S. Attanasio
 T. Smyth
coach: Trevor Gear
 A. Houston
 A. Cunningham
 A. Walker
 A. Rasenberg
 C. Banting
 D. French
 J. Eckensweiler
 L. Koyan
 M. Miller
 M. Yates
 M. Nie
 T. Gear
 T. Davis
ATOM DIVISION (2006-2008)
coach: Dan Rogers
 B. Thompson
 C. Wiltshire
 E. Tracey
 J. Hickman
 J. Price
 K. Langill
 K. Skinner
 M. Mckenna
 S. Rogers
 T. Armstrong
 X. Wiltshire
 S. Hickman
coach: Steve Hennigar
 B. Hargraft
 C. MacDonald
 C. O'Neil
 E. Martin
 H. Allen
 J. Walsh
 O. Bernier
 P. Hennigar
 Q. Croteau
 C. Granger
 J. Hickman
coach: Sarah Boddy
 B. Goodman
 C. Boddy
 E. Knox
 E. Purkis
 E. Mouland
 G. Brouwer
 K. Brouwer
 L. Davy
 L. Domingos
 L. McCabe
 C. Coulter
 Z. Zabielski
coach: Avery Morgenroth
 A. Bolin Moss
 M. Morgenroth
 C. Felhaber
 J. Miller
 J. Taverner
 J. Cronk
 N. Cronsberry
 N. Smith
 R. Taylor
 S. Geniole
 J. St. Germain

Georgina 2018 Ball Hockey

The Georgina Minor Ball Hockey League has now opened its online registration for the 2018 spring season.

In-person registration dates will become available once the dates have been confirmed.  More info in regards to this will be made available on our website shortly.

Registering Online allows you to fill the form and use our pay later option. This will save your spot for a maximum of 14 days. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to remit payment.

Our days of play will remain the same as last year.
9 games played on Sundays - 2 games played on Saturdays (No games scheduled on the long weekends)

  • Squirt (2012-2013) 9:00am
  • Tyke (2010-2011) 10:00am or 11:00am
  • Novice (2008-2009) 12:00pm or 1:00pm
  • Atom (2006-2007) 2:00pm or 3:00pm
  • Peewee (2004-2005) 4:00pm or 5:00pm
  • Highschool (2000-2003) 6:00pm or 7:00pm

We plan to play most of our games out of the Georgina Ice Palace however their may be a possibility of starting the season at the Georgina Sutton Arena. The season will begin on the mid April and run until the end of June

All players are required to have the following equipment:

  • Helmet with full facial cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Soccer or ball hockey shin guards
  • Hockey stick with no plastic blade (wood or composite are ok)
  • Running shoes

The league is also looking for young officials and timekeepers.

All referees will have to attend a half-day OBHF certification clinic. Clinics are available at Timekeepers will be trained at the rink by one of our staff members or volunteers.

We also accept students looking to receive their high school community hours.

Lastly, the league is looking for your assistance is seeking sponsorships. If you know anyone that may be interested, please have him or her contact the league directly or fill out the following form. SPONSORSHIP FORM

2017 Georgina Rosters

We are still looking to fill two coaching positions in our Atom division. We hope that once the rosters are posted parents will help out and coach one of these teams.  

We will send the rosters to the coaches soon and they will be contacting you with further instructions.

Z. Smith
D. Baron
A. Sparks
J. Tanguay
J. Smith
L. Sabath
H. Vandewater
M. Gavryliuk
S. Pullaw
J. Campbell
K. Kathiravel
J. Johnson
C. Brewster 
K. Cummings
B. Doucette
M. Miller
J. Bell
A. Mortimer
L. Salt
J. Sauve
M. Hristow
M. Yates
S. Heidgress
TYKE DIVISION (2008-2010)
coach: Ryan Boyle
A. Masotti 
B. Boyle
C. Polgar
R. Barkey
V. Lapin
B. Ferley
R. Woodman
J. Lemmon
R. Gibson
B. Johnston
C. Williams
T. Kathiravel
coach: Jordan Gannon-Lean
J. Norris
J. Norris
O. Miller
B. Wennekes
K. Bell
B. Hilton
V. Kallian
X. Kallian
E. Balinas
S. Charles
C. Lean
C. Felhaber
coach: Rich Lahti
E. Mouland
E. Tracey
L. Domingos
M. McKenna
R. Beaulieu
S. Whitton
R. Naylor
S. Hickman
B. Cummings
L. Mattin
N. Lahti
coach: Darryl Kiefer
J. Winger
J. Jamieson
K. Linstead 
J. Kiefer
L. Pullaw
T. Johnson
J. Brewster 
J. Briscoe
L. Newman
K. Sabath
L. Gilpin
ATOM DIVISION (2005-2007)
Novice All-Stars
coach: Ryan Boyle
coach: Steve Hennigar
coach: Dan Rogers
C. Rothwell
E. Emmett
J. Donald
J. Miller
J. Buchanan
S. Miller
S. Rogers
N. Kurhan
T. Armstrong
O. Hamilton
R. Marshall
coach: NO COACH
D. Leonardi
P. Cleveland
Q. Croteau
T. Merilees
A. Golematis
J. Hickman
B. Elford
H. LeBlanc
L. Kelly
more info shortly      
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