2018 Georgina Rosters

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All teams are final; we have tried to accommodate as many friend requests as possible while still trying to keep the division fair.

Coaches will contact their teams once instructed by our administration. Even though schedule is posted it is still tentative and hasn’t been finalized by the municipality.

Our vice-president and convenor Paul Cleveland has taken on some extra duties at his regular full time position and we are currently looking for a convenor in his replacement. If you are interested in this position and like to get more information please contact our president at 416-671-3893.   

 B. Addison Kerney
 F. Monaghan
 G. Vriesen
 P. Boyko-Vekin
 P. Hickey
 T. Morrow
 A. Robson
 B. Mattachione
 C. Thibault
 J. Norris
 J. Norris
 M. Cronk
 A. Turner
 C. Williams
 J. Mclean
 L. Sabath
 M. Sutton
 T. Johnston
 B. Kirk
 I. Morra
 J. Smith
 K. Morgan
 M. Wood
 R. Baziuk
TYKE DIVISION (2009-2011)
Red Wings
coach: Mike Heidgress
 C. Rodek
 E. Vandyk
 J. Jamieson
 J. Skead
 J. Heitto
 K. Cummings
 K. Sabath
 L. Glass
 M. Mayer
 N. Eustace
 R. Klobucar
 R. Goodman
 S. Heidgress
 Q. Leekinng
Golden Knights
coach: Richard Lahti
 A. Rae
 B. Johnston
 C. Williams
 D. Rice
 H. Vandewater
 J. Thibault
 K. Langill
 L. Wood
 N. Lahti
 R. Naylor
 R. Angliss
 R. Earle
 S. Whitton
 T. Wood
coach: Jordan Gannon-Lean
 C. Lean
 D. Kirk
 E. Michaud
 L. Armstrong
 L. Jansen
 L. Oram
 M. Smith
 O. Gilbert
 O. MacGillivray
 V. De Ciantis
 R. Gibson
 S. Attanasio
 T. Smyth
coach: Trevor Gear
 A. Houston
 A. Cunningham
 A. Walker
 A. Rasenberg
 C. Banting
 D. French
 J. Eckensweiler
 L. Koyan
 M. Miller
 M. Yates
 M. Nie
 T. Gear
 T. Davis
ATOM DIVISION (2006-2008)
coach: Dan Rogers
 B. Thompson
 C. Wiltshire
 E. Tracey
 J. Hickman
 J. Price
 K. Langill
 K. Skinner
 M. Mckenna
 S. Rogers
 T. Armstrong
 X. Wiltshire
 S. Hickman
coach: Steve Hennigar
 B. Hargraft
 C. MacDonald
 C. O'Neil
 E. Martin
 H. Allen
 J. Walsh
 O. Bernier
 P. Hennigar
 Q. Croteau
 C. Granger
 J. Hickman
coach: Sarah Boddy
 B. Goodman
 C. Boddy
 E. Knox
 E. Purkis
 E. Mouland
 G. Brouwer
 K. Brouwer
 L. Davy
 L. Domingos
 L. McCabe
 C. Coulter
 Z. Zabielski
coach: Avery Morgenroth
 A. Bolin Moss
 M. Morgenroth
 C. Felhaber
 J. Miller
 J. Taverner
 J. Cronk
 N. Cronsberry
 N. Smith
 R. Taylor
 S. Geniole
 J. St. Germain
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